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Mrs Ngathem Sarjubala Devi

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Kendriya Vidyalaya, Satgaon, Narangi,Guwahati-27


 Principal's Message

It is rightly said, "Success rarely comes from making just a few big efforts. Success almost always is the result of small multiplied again and again".Our aim in education is to develop several distinct dimensions in which our students must equip themselves. These dimensions-physical, intellectual, patriotism and spiritual-distinguish them from others and make them committed to the task of safeguarding this great nation of ours founded on twin ideals of secularism and democracy. The progress of any nation depends on its disciplined, dedicated, truthful, honest and well-behaved students who are the future leaders in every walk of life. Hence, it is the most pious duty of teachers & parents to groom the minds of students in the right direction. The students must have a keen sense of participation in what Jawahar Lal Nehru used to call, " The great adventure of nation building." Finally, a word to the students: have sublime faith in mankind and yourselves. Hence, you should create a healthy and conductive mental environment that will shape your attitude and behaviour for success. Remember - "The path of duty is the path of glory"