Tender Notice

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The Principal





1. The Tender Enquiry shall be submitted in two separately sealed envelopes super scribed on the top left corner of the envelopes as "TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF TRACK SUITS" and addressed to the Principal, KV NARANGI.

2. Earnest Money amounting to Rs. 25,000/- ( Rupees Twenty Five Thousand ) in the means of Demand Draft in f/o KV NARANGI VVN A/C , payable at NARANGI

3. The Financial Bid shall be submitted in Envelope – ‘B ‘(as given in Annexure B).

4. The Supplier must submit a sample along with the Tender Documents indicating the Technical specifications of item being quoted as per Annexure– B. The Undersigned reserves the right to call the firms/suppliers for demonstration free of cost.

5. Payment will be released by cheque only within 30 days after satisfactory supply and receipt of goods, supplied as per supply order.

6. The successful tenderer will give an Affidavit certifying that the quality of goods, rate quoted in the tender enquiry are correct and the concerned party is liable to pay damage out of the Security deposit in case of any defect. Supplier should submit certificates that the material/items approved have not been supplied in the current financial year to any Kendriya Vidyalaya at Narangi at a cost lower than that has been quoted in the current tender. The format of Affidavit is given in Annexure – C .

7. If the articles supplied are found damaged, the supplier will have to replace them free of cost.

8. Both the Envelopes should be clearly marked as Envelope A, B with the words “Tender for the supply of Track Suits” super scribed on the top left corner of the envelopes which should also show the name and address of the bidder.

9. The tender will be opened by the committee on 28th July,2015  at 11 am in the presence of the tenderers or their authorized representatives.

10. The items quoted and supplied (if approved) should meet the specifications specified by respective National/International Sports Federation. The quoted ITEM should be of Requisite Quality/ Brands.

11. Bidder should have sound financial health solvency certificate of Rs. 10 lacs from the bankers. The firm should never have been black listed by any Govt. org. till date. The same needs to be submitted on an affidavit duly notarized.

12. In case of doubt in material/equipment supplied, the expenditure on getting of material tested will be borne by the tenderer.

13. The EMD of unsuccessful bidder will be returned within 30 days after the finalization of the tender.

14. The EMD of successful bidder will be returned after deposit of interest free. Security deposit money equivalent to 10% of the supply order which will be refunded after three months from the date of expiry of the validity of the contract. Security deposit should be paid by way of Demand Draft in F/o KV Narangi VVN A/C payable at NarangiHowever, in case the supply was not found as per approved samples the security deposit will be forfeited.

15. The Competitive rates should be of all taxes FOR destination i.e., KV Narangi  quoted in tender should inclusive be valid for a period of One year and extendable for one more year on mutual agreement, from the date of acceptance of the bid and the successful bidder has to enter into an agreement in prescribed format.

16. The supplies shall be executed at the time and in the manner prescribed by the Indenting Officer. Any contravention thereof shall be deemed as a breach of contract and penalties as prescribed by the Principal KV Narangi may be imposed based on the recommendation of the committee.

17. The Principal KV Narangi will have the right to reject any or all the bids without assigning any reason at any stage based on the recommendation of the committee.

18. The Principal KV Narangi has the right of awarding the supply order/work to one supplier or different suppliers for the supply of TRACK SUITS based on the recommendation of the committee. The quantity of articles may be increased or decreased substantially at the discretion of the undersigned without assigning any reason.

19. Bids received without Earnest Money, samples of quoted items, conditional or incomplete, having cuttings or over writing is liable to be rejected.

20. The supplies received, if not found as per the specification/approved samples of tendered items are liable to be rejected.

21. In case of bidder failing to make the supply in a given time and place. The committee will have the right to purchase the same from the other source at the risk and cost of Supplier.

22. In case of late/delayed supply of ordered TRACK SUITS, Principal KV Narangi  has the right to accept or reject the supply or levy penalty for such late supply based on the recommendation of the committee.

23. The Committee will be legally competent to cancel the contract of supply and also take any other action against the supplier including imposing any penalty on the supplier during pendency and till the final execution of the contract of the supply, in case the supplier is ever found to have committed any fraud against Principal KV Narangi in supplying the material or indulge in any other malpractices thereof causing any financial losses during contract period.

24. The contract can be terminated or cancelled summarily by Principal KV Narangi  based on the recommendation of the committee in whole or in part any time without assigning any reason, if the supply made by the manufacturer /supplier is found not according to the sample approved or in case supply is not received within stipulated time.

25. The Principal KV Narangi based on the recommendation of the committee will have the right of awarding the work to one supplier or different supplier for supply of the TRACK SUITS.

26. Principal KV Narangi based on the recommendation of the committee taking into account past performance of party reserves the right to reject/accept any tender.

27. The Principal KV Narangi based on the recommendation of the committee will have the right to forfeit the Security Deposit, if the terms and conditions of the agreement are not adhered to by the supplier or breach of Contract.

28. In case, any dispute arises in regard to the tender, the decision of the committee will be final and binding.

29. In case of litigation, the courts at Guwahati only will have jurisdiction for deciding case according to Indian laws in force.

30. The technical bid of the bidders will be opened first and the financial bid will be opened only of the bidderswhose technical bid is accepted/qualified and their samples selected by the competent authority.

31. It must be noted that this is just an enquiry and does not amount to any commitment on the part of Principal KVNarangi  to order any of all products offered. The decision of the committee in this regard would be final and be entirely, at its discretion.

32. These are only proposed draft terms and conditions and can be modified, changed or added to at the time of finally concluding and signing the agreement.

33. The tenderer should sign each page of the Tender Enquiry as token of accepting the terms and condition mentioned here in.

34. Income tax will be deducted as per Income tax Act 1961 and Rules wherever applicable

35. Tenderer will have to supply the articles within 15 day form the date of issue of supply order.






The following kind of tenders will be treated as unresponsive tenders”-

I) Not meeting the qualifying criteria i.e., carrying required financial/solvency status, regd., with the appropriate authorities for carrying out the described works, furnishing the declaration regarding blacklisting on stamp paper etc.

II) Tender not enclosed with the required DD of EMD amount of Rs. 25000/- and trader document fee Rs. 200/- if applied on downloaded document, unsigned tender document/terms & conditions / pricing bid document.

III) The specification and quality of material not found as per the requirement.

IV) The tenderer not agreeing to any of the terms & conditions so listed.

37. The undersigned does not bind him-self to accept the lowest quotation and reserves the right to accept the quotation in whole or, in part, i.e., with respect to all the articles mentioned in the attached statement or in respect of any one or more than on article specified in the attached statement as may be decided. Accordingly, the undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof, either in full or in part.



I) The purchaser will award the contract to the bidder whose quotation has been determined to be substantially responsive and who has offered the lowest price.

II) The bidder whose bid is accepted will be notified of the award of the contract by the office prior to expiration of the quotation validity period.

III) The Notification of award to clearly specify any change in the unit price or any other terms conditions accepted.

IV) Normal commercial warranty/guarantee shall be applicable to the supplied goods.

V) Notwithstanding the above, the purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any quotations and to cancel the bidding process and reject all quotations at any time prior to the contract.



I have read and understood all the terms & conditions of the Tender Enquiry and hereby undertake to abide by the same.






With Address & Seal


Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan




Date & Time for Submission of Tender ________________________ by ___________ A.M

Date & Time for Opening of Tender _________________________ by __________ P.M

The following details / documents / certificates issued by the concerned Authorities in respect of the bidder are required to be submitted for qualifying in Technical Bid :-

1. Name of the Firm/Agency :                                                   _________________________________

2. Name of the Proprietor / Partner/Director :                _________________________________

3. Address of the Firm / Company :                                        _________________________________


4. Registration Number of the Firm / Memorandum: _________________________________

& Articles of Association of the Company

5. Telephone / Fax No./ Email Id :                                          _________________________________

6. PAN/TIN/ number (attach a Photo copy ) : _________________________________

7. VAT / CST number (attach a Photo copy ) :   _________________________________

8. Attach copies of ITR for the last two years : _________________________________

9. Annual Turnover during last 03 preceding years

duly certified by CA(attach copy of Balance

Sheet) –2012-13,  2013-14,  2014-15 :                  _________________________________

10. Documentary proof regarding Manufacturer /

Authorized Distributor / Agent :                                              _________________________________

11. Experience in the line (mention number of

Years) / Credential –Attach list of Clients :                         _________________________________

12. Solvency certificate from the bankers for

Rs. 10 lakhs issued any time during the

current year i.e. after April, 2015.                                           _________________________________

13.An affidavit on non –judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-duly notarized declaring that the firm has never been blacklisted by any Govt. /institution or department of the Govt.

14. Pre Contract Integrity Pact in the prescribed format enclosed with tender.

15. Any other document required by the text inside the document.

16. Terms and conditions duly signed by the bidder.

17. EMD DETAILS:-Demand Draft No & Date ____________________ Amount ____________

Bank Name______________________





With Address & Seal

Annexure B

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Kendriya Vidyalaya , Narangi

Financial bid form



S. No.

Description /Name of the Sports Items


Tentative quantity

Brand Name of Track Suits

Rate (INR)

(inclusive of all taxes as applicable with printing)                                                          





Tentative quantity

Brand name of track suit (size 28 to 46)

           Rate (including all taxes with printing)


Track suit super poly imported cloth with 1 kg weight in 42 XL size upper jacket made bottle green with white stripes & fitted with good quality/imported zip, including front  side embroidery KVS Logo, back side rubber printing KVS Guwahati Region.






350 approx.

Chin Mex




Sports Sun




N.N N.























Track Suits

(Size 28 to 46)

Track Suit Super Poly Imported Cloth with 1 KG weight in 42 (XL) size "Upper Jacket made Bottle Green with White Stripes & fitted with good Quality / Imported Zip, Including Front Side Embroidery  KVS Logo and back side  rubber Printing :- KVS, Guwahati Region


Note :- The rates should including printing in standard size as given in column 1.        



With address & seal





Annexure C


1. Certifying that the quality of goods quoted in the tender are correct, specified by concerned International Sports Federation and that the item has not been supplied to any Kendriya Vidyalaya at a lower rate in the current financial year, and is as per specifications and allied Technical details mentioned in Annexure – A . The concern party is liable to pay damages out of the Security deposit in case of any defect. Director may impose penalty as deemed fit & will have right to make recovery from Security deposit or to make deduction from the bill.

2. Will be changed/replaced free of cost by the supplier in case of any damage or breakage caused due to manufacturing defect in the notified items.

3. The information given in the technical bid by the undersigned is correct.

4. I have read the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender document and undertake to abide by the same during the contractual period.

5. I undertake to supply the TRACK SUITS for a period of One year from the date of Acceptance of bid on quoted rates which could be extendable by one more year on the same quoted rates & terms & conditions.




With address & seal